NHS Health Checks

Aged 40-74? Your practice may invite you to book an appointment for a free NHS Health Check.

Even though you might be feeling great, if you’re over forty you may be at risk of heart disease, stroke, kidney disease, diabetes or dementia. A FREE NHS Health Check can help you reduce these risks and make sure that you stay healthy.

Working together to improve your health

Everyone is at risk of developing heart disease, stroke, diabetes, kidney disease and some forms of dementia. The good news is that these conditions can often be prevented – even if you have a history of them in your family. Have your free NHS Health Check and you will be better prepared for the future and be able to take steps to maintain or improve your health.

This check is part of a national scheme to help prevent the onset of these health problems. Everyone between the ages of 40 and 74 who has not been diagnosed with the conditions mentioned will be invited for a check once every five years. If you are outside the age range and concerned about your health, you should contact your GP. You can find more information at or click here to download the NHS Health check leaflet.

Online Services

GP online services. Quick, easy, secure. Book GP appointments. Order repeat prescriptions. Access your GP records

GP online services gives patients the option to book appointments, request repeat prescriptions and view their GP records, using their computer, tablet or smartphone rather than having to phone or visit their practice.

Online services complement the existing ways patients can access appointments, prescriptions and their records. Contact your practice to sign up to this service.

Proactive Care Clinics

We are running clinics to help promote healthy ageing in those patients that have multiple problems. We are inviting those with the most severe problems but are happy to see people who feel that they need help. We start with getting you to fill in a questionnaire to see if you have any problems with your housing or how you are coping at home. Your relatives are asked to answer some questions about how they feel your memory is, and if there are problems a more extended memory test is done with you.

The clinic is run by a clinical pharmacist who will do an extended review of medications and alter them as needed. It also involves an assessment of bone health.

A health care assistant will do some basic health checks and signpost you to services such as social prescribing, fire service safe and well assessments, falls prevention, incontinence and hearing services.

The aim is to help people with multiple medical problems cope better at home and to prevent complications from taking multiple medications.

If you would like to be seen please contact your reception.

Click here to download the healthy ageing brochure

Sound Doctor – New Free Resource to Patients Registered with a Wolverhampton GP

The Sound Doctor – World Class Patient Education Films

The Sound Doctor produces high quality films online about a number of medical conditions. All the films are short, informative and interesting. They will help you understand more about your condition and how to look after yourself better. Please contact your surgery who will give you a link to enable you to access these films online.

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Local Services, Let